The Wisdom of John Ruskin – The Common Law of Business Balance.

I refer all my clients to this quotation from John Ruskin, it is particularly useful when converting from the NHS with its promotion of pile high, sell cheap. Ruskin was a fascinating man, a real polymath. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia page. Why not have it printed and framed to hang in your receptionContinue reading “The Wisdom of John Ruskin – The Common Law of Business Balance.”


I’m away for a week, and while there may be the occasional post from Cork, normal service will resume on November 3rd. I know that it’s school half-term in a lot of the country so if you get a chance to rest do take it, you’ll need your energy for the months ahead.

Geoff Burch – All Over The Shop

7.30pm is not a great TV time for me but thanks to the wonder that is the BBC iPlayer I was able to catch the first episode of Geoff Burch’s show. I have seen Geoff speak on a couple of occasions and enjoyed his presentation style and always learned something from him. This series onContinue reading “Geoff Burch – All Over The Shop”

So that’s OK then….or is it really excellent?

An excellent post from Mike Denham at the Burning our Money blog The boxes are ticked, the targets are hit, so all is well. GPs are incentivised to keep sick people away from hospitals, Junior hospital doctors are short of experience. Elderly patients are suffering from malnutrition or hospital acquired infections because there’s no oneContinue reading “So that’s OK then….or is it really excellent?”

The Weekend Read: 9. Raving Fans!

Ken Blanchard has probably done more to raise awareness of the way people behave in business than any other author. His long list of books started with “The One Minute Manager” which was published more than a quarter of a century ago. Most, if not all, of his books are brief enough to read inContinue reading “The Weekend Read: 9. Raving Fans!”

“Too many check-ups” – 1

That’s what I keep hearing dentists say. Yet often they’re also the same dentists who say that they haven’t got any challenging work to do and they’re bored. They are unwilling to charge appropriately for “check-ups” so they lose out on their hoped for hourly rate. Start by changing what you call the routine examinations. Frequently the phrase check-upContinue reading ““Too many check-ups” – 1″

An alternative to wall-to-wall doom and gloom.

I have to admit to being an avid radio listener but over the past few weeks I have become jaded with wall to wall and ear to ear bad news. Jeremy Vine is my particular hate, there doesn’t seem to be anything that he can’t appear to make sound worse than it is. Chicken LickenContinue reading “An alternative to wall-to-wall doom and gloom.”