New sponsorship deal for our Johnny.

New sponsorship deal for our Johnny. England rugby World Cup hero Johnny Wilkinson has today signed a new record breaking two year contract with the BUPA North East Sports Hospital in Newcastle. The deal which is estimated to be worth £350,00 a year will see the drop-kick king spend a further two years at the exclusive private sportsContinue reading “New sponsorship deal for our Johnny.”

The Weekend Read: 13 – Winning by Clive Woodward

Topical enough, as the Autumn International Rugby circus reaches its conclusion with Wales the only team to beat southern hemisphere opposition. So perhaps it’s a good time to take another look at this book from the man who facilitated what is arguable England’s greatest sporting triumph since 1966. As a Welshman (albeit with an IrishContinue reading “The Weekend Read: 13 – Winning by Clive Woodward”

No stereotypes here

Use the phrase “Essex girls” and you will frequently get a sniggering response, what a shame that we succumb to stereotypical images. All accountants are dull, all politicians are self serving, all inhabitants of xxxxxxx country have less than average intelligence. Of course none of these statements are true and should you want to meet some females inContinue reading “No stereotypes here”

To see ourselves as others see us….

The report in The Times yesterday about NHS clawbacks has caused ripples in the media world wide. Read the original piece here. One opinion here includes this lovely paragraph: This is how socialized medicine works. Bureaucrats determine what treatments are allowed and how much they will cost. There is no negotiation between doctor and patient aboutContinue reading “To see ourselves as others see us….”