The Monday Morning Quote #21

Hopefully most people are still in reflective / holiday mode enjoying the tail end of Christmas whilst contemplating the coming year, this poem should be compulsive reading. W.H. Davies was a native of Newport in South Wales and was a popular poet of his time who never quite fitted into a style or genre. HisContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #21”

The Weekend Read 15 – Aubrey & Maturin by Patrick O’Brian

I have spent the best part of the last 48 hours in bed, suffering from the chest & throat virus that seems to have afflicted so many people. I attribute the reduction in my resistance to working 4 clinical days in a week for the first time in 3 years several Christmas & other celebrationsContinue reading “The Weekend Read 15 – Aubrey & Maturin by Patrick O’Brian”

James Watson’s “Tips for Success”

Jim Watson is most famous for winning the Nobel prize with Francis Crick for their work in discovering the structure of DNA. Watson went on to do many other things and has retired only recently. Never a stranger to controversy here are his “Tips for Success” Always make necessary decisions before you have to. Be theContinue reading “James Watson’s “Tips for Success””

NHS agenda for General (Medical) Practice

A couple of years ago I had an interesting conversation with a friend who has since become a consultant physician in Scotland. It was her belief that she, and most of her contemporaries, saw themselves as ‘medical civil servants’. It seems that successive government policies have eroded not only the real value of doctors &Continue reading “NHS agenda for General (Medical) Practice”

Awards Night in Leicester

Friday 12th December. The Athena in Leicester. The Dentistry Awards. Host – Kris Akabusi. My first visit to one of these award ceremonies and what a good night it was. Congratulations to all the winners and consolation to those who were runners up, at least they had made the effort to put themselves in theContinue reading “Awards Night in Leicester”