Happy New Year

I generally find New Year celebrations to be false, unnecessarily alcohol fueled and associated with the “piecrust” resolutions of which our grandmothers warned us.

I have already faced one disappointment in 2009, having suffered from a persistent chest irritation I decided (with pressure from family) to miss the Glandore Harbour Swim at 10.30 this morning. Yes, it’s a disappointment, but there was a possibility that I would make myself ill for another couple of weeks and, as one of the goals for 2009 is the London Marathon, I am sure that being aware of myself was the correct decision.

One of the good things about a New Year is the opportunity to deal with a brand new diary, a calendar that can be influenced and choices made about how it will be filled.

Don’t burdon yourself with lists of resolutions but do undergo a change of intent. Now is the time to decide how you will spend the coming 12 months, what do you want to have achieved when you sit and look back on the first day of 2010?

There’s a blank page in front of you, what could be more exciting?

Now I’m going to walk to Knockdrum Fort and take in the views to the north and the south, can you blame me?

Wherever you are I hope 2009 will be a great year.

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