Microsoft offers Vista replacement. Servers fall over.

I am a happy Mac user, they do what they are supposed to do simply and without fuss, they are beautiful to look at and Apple continue to innovate. My experiences with Microsoft have been repeatedly frustrating. If Microsoft made cars you would see motorways clogged with autos that had tried to use their indictors or windscreen wipers but then had to stop due to a fatal error, turn their engines off and restart them before they could proceed with the journey.

Why do I need to know what’s going on “under the bonnet” in order to drive?

John Naughton is of similar mind this is from John Naughton’s Memex 1.1

Microsoft surely anticipated a crowd when it announced this week that 2.5 million current users of Windows Vista SP1 would be allowed to download a free beta of the upcoming Windows 7 starting at noon Pacific today (see “Microsoft offers Vista users something beta“), but it apparently wasn’t ready for the Wal-Mart-on-Black-Friday kind of mob that gathered outside its virtual doors and collectively clicked its servers into whimpering submission. With the Web site faltering under the load, Microsoft called a timeout and said it needed to add “some additional infrastructure support to the properties before we post the public beta.” No ETA was given, and prospective downloaders have been left to mill about aimlessly, checking their favorite tech news sites for a new go signal and talking among themselves about the benefits of BitTorrent.

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