NHS Care Records Scheme

I think that the use of technology has improved the quality of health care throughout the world. However I am not an advocate of the widespread dissemination of patient “information”. The government’s NHS spine IT system is misguided and open to the sort of accidental abuse that is bound to happen with busy people usingContinue reading “NHS Care Records Scheme”

How Twitter can make you a better and happier person

I wrote in my last ezine about whether twitter was a “nine-day wonder.” In response Chris Barrow sent me the link to this article – it’s a good read, thanks cb. Here’s the summary: For me, it comes down to these 4 things: Transparency & Values: Twitter constantly reminds me of who I want toContinue reading “How Twitter can make you a better and happier person”

The Weekend Read – 50 Prosperity Classics

I bought this on a whim after reading a review somewhere. It won’t be so much a weekend read as a bedside one to send me to sleep with inspiration, or to grab if the brain stirs me in the early hours. Compiled by Tom Butler-Bowden under the headings: Attract It Create It Manage ItContinue reading “The Weekend Read – 50 Prosperity Classics”