The Black Dog stalks the night….

This has no relation to the departed Freddie but instead refers to what Winston Churchill’s family referred to as ‘The Black Dog’. For whatever reason I have been afflicted again recently.

I read this by Ayd Instone which has helped me bounce off the bottom and head back upwards again. Thanks Ayd.

Business As Unusual
I have no sympathy if you’re going bust. Seriously, I haven’t. Why should I? I don’t mean to be rude, but being rude, if you’re business is in trouble it’s for one reason and one reason only. I shouldn’t need to spell out that reason but I will: You’re not selling enough stuff.

We can’t blame the economic situation. We can’t blame the government. If we’re not selling it’s because of only two reasons:

1. People don’t want what you’ve got.
2. You’re not good enough at selling.

That’s it. And both of those are no-one’s responsibility but your own.

Once we accept that, perhaps we can do something about it. We’re living in unusual times that call for unusual ideas to combat these two issues. We need to be doing ‘Business as Unusual’.

For the full article go here.

Image by Dave Nitsche

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