“The End of The Family Dental Practice in Two Years”

I picked this up on Twitter this morning. Michael Watson is one of the most experienced people writing about dentistry in the UK.

His post says: This site probably marks the end of the family dental practice in two years handing it over to corporates.

This is the site he is talking about www.dentalaccess.nhs.uk which seems to be full of equality dominated, procurement framework, best practice nuLabour speak.

Scarcely a quarter passes without yet another “demise of the traditional practice” story, my thought is that there will always be a niche for the practitioner who puts the care and the experience of his or her patient before any sort of government dictated inefficient faceless clinic.

In the future there will be NHS clinics and private practices. The practices will know what people want to buy and will provide it for them professionally, the clinics will do “sheep dip” dentistry (thanks cb). I grew up in the post-war era of “pile high sell cheap” dentistry. I vividly remember how my life was changed for the better when I met someone who was able to take their time with me and treated me as an individual and not as a mouth on legs. How can you care when everything is measured in units?

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