I Fall Down But I Get Up Again

Sometimes I love the synchronicity of life.  I have to admit to feeling a little sorry for myself after having to undergo a ranting boll***ing from someone yesterday. The individual concerned had a choice between asking questions and adopting cb’s “blame a system not a person” philosophy or having a go at two separate individualsContinue reading “I Fall Down But I Get Up Again”

Tesco ignore maverick TD Ned’s ultimatum!

I have a home and a large part of my heart in West Cork. During the past decade the beast that is Tesco has got a foothold on Ireland and gradually applied its normal business practices to the Republic’s Farmers. At last they are starting to see things clearly. From “The Southern Star” previously theContinue reading “Tesco ignore maverick TD Ned’s ultimatum!”

10 Ways To Help You Get Funding From Your Bank

The website http://www.freshbusinessthinking.com is a another useful resource for existing and would be business owners. This article is an example of one of their good lists. 10 Ways To Help You Get Funding From Your Bank By Guy Rigby, Director & Head of Entrepreneurs, Smith & Williamson Getting funding from your bank isn’t nearly asContinue reading “10 Ways To Help You Get Funding From Your Bank”

Jimmy Steele’s Report 1) It’s out

The report has been released today (all 88 pages of it) and will be available from the DoH website & here ASAP. Download from here. Some comments: BBC HSJ I’m afraid that this will make very little difference to the provision of NHS care. The fact remains that the provision of dentistry is expensive and the repeatedContinue reading “Jimmy Steele’s Report 1) It’s out”

The Monday Morning Quote #46 The Years Thunder By……

This feature is usually short and to the point designed to make the readers (and me) think as we start our working week. This week it’s longer, a piece written by Sterling Hayden. I have this printed and hanging on my study wall. It has always resonated with me and I hope it will withContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #46 The Years Thunder By……”

10 Things I Know About Great Work by Michael Bungay-Stanier

A recent email from Michael Bungay-Stanier regarding his “Find Your Great Work” project. If you aren’t familiar with this do have a look at Michael’s websites. 1. That Good Work is endless … and constantly tugs at our shirt, pulling us back into busy-ness and routine.  Regular pruning recommended. 2. That you can’t do GreatContinue reading “10 Things I Know About Great Work by Michael Bungay-Stanier”

Roz Savage – Ocean Rower – “I Am What I Am”

I became aware of Roz Savage about 12 months ago. To describe her as an adventurer hardly does her justice. In 2005 she left her job as a management consultant and started a new life by rowing across the Atlantic. She has followed that by starting a row across the Pacific and last year sheContinue reading “Roz Savage – Ocean Rower – “I Am What I Am””

Get Everything Done – Mark Forster

It seems to be the bane of everyone’s life at some stage and has had more books written about it than anything elase I can think of – wassat? “Time Mangement”. Mark Forster has devoted a lot of time wrestling with his and everyone else’s time management and personal organisation problems and has written threeContinue reading “Get Everything Done – Mark Forster”