Death spiral! (Seth puts his finger on it again)

Another great blog post from Seth Godin. You’ve probably seen it. The fish monger sees a decline in business, so they have less money to spend on upkeep and inventory, so they keep the fish a bit longer and don’t clean up as often, so of course, business declines and then they have even lessContinue reading “Death spiral! (Seth puts his finger on it again)”

The Celtic Tiger loses its bite

19.07.2009 Irish dentists ‘shocked’ over report’s recommendations The Irish dental community is “shocked” at the changes recommended in a report released this week by the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes, according to the Irish Dental Association (IDA). Overall, “The Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure ProgrammesContinue reading “The Celtic Tiger loses its bite”

What Are You Suggesting To Yourself?

This is the first half Stephanie Houseman’s current newsletter repeated en-bloc. Stephanie is, like me, an ex-dental practice owner and a trained coach, in addition she’s an international speaker and author. She’s based in Illinois and her newsletter is a Tuesday constant (something I must learn). Her website is sign up for the newsletterContinue reading “What Are You Suggesting To Yourself?”

And Deliver Us From Inappropriateness

I have enjoyed David Hepworth’s comments on music and beyond for more years that I care to remember. I recall him introducing the first live film of Bruce Springsteen on The Old Grey Whistle Test in the 70’s, and I have never looked back. In recent years I have subscribed to Word Magazine and keptContinue reading “And Deliver Us From Inappropriateness”

An alternative to Amazon and a fun site to watch

I like and respect the Amazon brand for what it has done to retailing and the way imitators and competitors have appeared. One of these is The Book Depository which I had used a few times before discovering they were based a few miles from Rees Towers. In addition to very being competitive on bookContinue reading “An alternative to Amazon and a fun site to watch”