How to Regain Your Life Balance in 15 Minutes

Here’s a blog posting from my client and friend Joanna Taylor on the value of self-hypnosis. Do take her up on her offer of the free CD it’ll do you no end of good. The technique of self-hypnosis can help you to regain your life balance, using as little as 15 minutes a day. HypnosisContinue reading “How to Regain Your Life Balance in 15 Minutes”

PFI interest rates by bailed-out banks unjustified

NEWS FROM THE CENTRE FOR INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY PFI interest rates by bailed-out banks unjustified The UK government is allowing banks to restore their profits by charging unjustifiably high interest rates for health service private finance initiative (PFI) projects, a study claims. An opportunity to negotiate better interest rates is being missed,Continue reading “PFI interest rates by bailed-out banks unjustified”

Oral Cancer Rates Up – but is the real truth hard to swallow?

There have been a lot of mentions in the media over the past 10 days that the rates of Oral Cancer have risen in individuals in their 40s. When I was a student & during my hospital career we were told that Oral & Lip Cancers were related to the “5Ss”: Smoking, Spirits, Sepsis, SunshineContinue reading “Oral Cancer Rates Up – but is the real truth hard to swallow?”

Why Bother Having Expert Advisors?

A report in today’s Guardian concerning the free availability of anti-virals to treat the symptoms of swine ‘flu. Before I left for my holiday in Ireland in mid July it seemed that the population was going to succumb to this dread plague but in the nick of time Gordon and his chums had come toContinue reading “Why Bother Having Expert Advisors?”

The Monday Morning Quote

Basics #1. “It’s always ‘the people.’” It may be glib, but in this instance I don’t care. Network, keep your promises, behave decently. Your are as good as your relationships. Period. Short term. Long term. Good times. Tough times. This is the time (though all times are, in fact, the time) to “over” invest inContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote”