Anti-Social Media – Alan Stevens’ Advice

From the weekly “must-read” newsletter produced by Alan Stevens The Media Coach. ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA With all the attention paid to Social Media, there’s been little focus on its related discipline, anti-social media. Here are a few tips to make sure that you know how to use anti-social media for no gain and scant profit: PromoteContinue reading “Anti-Social Media – Alan Stevens’ Advice”

Seven habits of highly organised entrepreneurs

Succinct reminder of good habits from businesszone Economic recovery is now in sight but the pressure is still on to create equity and drive profit, and every minute counts in the life of an entrepreneur. Can being better organised really hold the key to being more profitable? Sue Reeve, founder of lifestyle management company ConsiderContinue reading “Seven habits of highly organised entrepreneurs”

Got an NHS Dental Contract? Watch your back.

I keep a watchful eye on what happens in General Medical Practice and medicine generally. I often wonder whether they are ahead or behind the changes that are happening in dentistry. I gather that the changes to the GDC are in advance of those in the GMC. What concerns me in this article is thatContinue reading “Got an NHS Dental Contract? Watch your back.”

Fast in Fast out. Beware! The Early Adopters are Fickle

From Seth Godin’s blog in June this year but just re-read. It turns out that a fast-growing trend is also likely to become a fast-fading trend. My analysis: the people who jump on a fast-moving trend are fickle early adopters. This group is most likely to race on to the next thing, and is alsoContinue reading “Fast in Fast out. Beware! The Early Adopters are Fickle”

Should we pay more for dentistry?

Interesting piece by Prof Jimmy Steele on the BBC website. Professor Jimmy Steele, author of the Government’s last dental review, says the over 40s are straining the NHS dentistry budget. Many of the complex procedures they want, like root canal and crowns, are not really “needed” and higher patient charges may allow the NHS toContinue reading “Should we pay more for dentistry?”