The Monday Morning Quote #60

“The key to success is to take what you have learned (or re-learned)…and put it into action”

Jack Canfield in “The Success Principles“.


Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” is one of the most quoted by self improvement folks.

It is a good, thought provoking, read and it’s so old that you can download it without cost here.


The Weekend Read – Rowing The Atlantic-Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean by Roz Savage

31C6-0ufTPL._SL500_AA240_This is the story of a young(ish) woman who had the courage to listen to her instinct, walk away from her seemingly conventional life and re-invent herself as an ocean explorer and climate change campigner. From a degree at Oxford University, good jobs in business and a seemingly happy marriage to a single handed oar propelled boat is a greater leap than most of us would make. The change from business suits to 12 hour rowing stints clad only in a baseball cap and kangaroo gloves. Coping with the loss of music systems and communications with the outside world, the breakage of her oars  and her stove so that all her “ready meals” had to be rehydrated with cold water are just a few of the challenges she experienced during her 100 plus days at sea.

Her honesty about her doubts and insecurities and the admission of the mistakes that she made along the way is disarming. If you are having problems with the direction that your life is taking and you think you might like to change then read this book but be prepared for the changes that may be inspired in you.

If you “just” want to the story of one woman’s adventure then this is a great page-turning read. Incidentally she has carried on rowing and has recently completed the second stage of a solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

Don’t just buy a copy for yourself get one for someone as a Christmas present too.

Available from Amazon here.

To read more about the remarkable Roz go to her website

Missing Calls = Missing Opportunities

In times such as these where customer service is an absolute necessity I am always surprised that some practices close down during that period of the day when a lot of people could contact them or could take advantage of appointments.

A joy of being self employed is that you choose when you take your breaks, most patients are wage slaves and are told when their day starts and ends. Your lunchtime doesn’t have to be set in stone does it?

If your body won’t allow you to stagger these times, you can find no way of keeping your telephone line manned in the middle of the day or you want to improve your service by having a human voice at the end of your phone 24/7 then here’s something that you might want to utilise.

Answer-4U is a call answering service that seems to be offering a straightforward product simply priced that can be adapted to suit any individual practice.

There’s a 10% discount for BDA members – take a look.angry on the phone

The Art of Possibility

Thanks to Marc Cooper for pointing me at this wonderful  video of Benjamin Zander presenting The Art of Possibility.

Please take 30 minutes and watch.

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The Monday Morning Quote #59

“All men dream but not equally.

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity;

but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men for they act their dreams with eyes open, to make it possible.”


The Monday Morning Quote #58

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

William Arthur Ward

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