The Weekend Read – The Starbucks Experience

(This review first went out in More Profit in Less Time in October 2007.) ….I took myself off to the closest bookshop to Rees Acres, that being ‘Waterstones’ in Literature Festival, Cheltenham, bought the book and settled down in the coffee shop within the bookshop. Now this coffee shop is a branch of Costa CoffeeContinue reading “The Weekend Read – The Starbucks Experience”

The Foundations For Great Achievement – Philip Humbert

From the consistently excellent Philip Humbert who’s weekly newsletter is a constant inspiration. If there is only one newsletter you receive make sure that it’s Philip’s, subscribe at The Foundations For Great Achievement I’ve been studying human achievement for almost 50 years (professionally for over 30 years), and the longer I do this work,Continue reading “The Foundations For Great Achievement – Philip Humbert”

The Weekend Read – Mastering The Business Of Practice by Marc Cooper

I first read this book just over 12 months ago and became an instant fan of Marc’s. Dr Cooper has been coaching dentists and their teams for 25 years and understands the Business of Dental Practice from top to bottom. As a qualified dentist and one time practicing periodontist his comprehension of the “sharp end”Continue reading “The Weekend Read – Mastering The Business Of Practice by Marc Cooper”

Top 10 Things Your Hygienist Thinks You Should Know

From RDH Volume 29 Issue 11 – November 2009 An American journal but relevant here. This survey was constructed in a two-phase approach. First, I asked the readers in September to email me “things” they thought their doctor/employer should know. The second phase was the compilation of these suggestions into a list of 25 items and thenContinue reading “Top 10 Things Your Hygienist Thinks You Should Know”

BDJ Editorial – Well Said Stephen Hancocks

These are strange times in Dentistry. Government apparatchiks have dabbled with NHS dentistry since 1990 and none of their changes have improved much, if anything, for the poor patient. Persistent interference and change has led to a dental work force that is low on morale, and even lower in confidence in politicians. Since 1997 thereContinue reading “BDJ Editorial – Well Said Stephen Hancocks”

James Hull – ups and downs.

As David Brent famously announced to his office staff – “one day you’re the pigeon, the next day you’re the statue.” James Hull 13th October 2009: James Hull 15th October 2009: I have never met James Hull, I respect what he has done, no matter how you define success he has achieved it.Continue reading “James Hull – ups and downs.”