The Weekend Read – Ping by Alan Stevens

413OlRkdKIL._SL125_My clients, like all owners of professional businesses, are aware that they need to promote themselves and their businesses; although in most cases the two are synonomous. But where to start? Newspapers? TV? Radio? and what about the apparently overwhelming number of social media opportunities. Where do they fit in with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and the rest?

These dilemmas face me too. As the owner of a small coaching, consulting and training business I depend on good communications to spread the word and promote my services.

Alan Stevens, the media coach, is a veteran of the world of media and public relations. In this book he passes on the wisdom of more than a quarter of a century of the benefits of an integrated PR campaign which he defines as one which “delivers a single core message , using both traditional and social media.”

Delivered in short, easily read chapters with concluding 30-second summaries, this book can be devoured in a single sitting or dipped into and returned to regularly.

Chapter headings include Social Media Principles, How to Get into Print, Audio and Podcasting, Ezines and Blogging.

In summary – an excellent guide to the world of PR and communications that should be necessary reading for all professional business owners.

Available from my Amazon bookshop here.

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