Use your initiative? Far too dangerous

From The Times On Line Sometimes it’s the stories about the little people that, more accurately than any number of polls or policy research papers, illustrate exactly the kind of society we live in. So let me tell you the desperately sad tale of a man named Brian Gilfillan, a 36-year-old medical records supervisor.Continue reading “Use your initiative? Far too dangerous”

The John Lewis Secret to Customer Service – what can you learn?

From BNET insight. Say customer service and the one organisation that springs to many minds is John Lewis. The retailer pipped other retail rivals to the top slot in a recent poll by the Institute of Customer Service for customer satisfaction, closely followed by grocery stablemate Waitrose. Called the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, the pollContinue reading “The John Lewis Secret to Customer Service – what can you learn?”

I think I have “the perfect face for radio”

I have been writing a series of articles for the Dental Learning Hub‘s online journal Apex. I was flattered to be asked and have been enjoying the experience of working to a deadline and trying to explain Kolbe wisdom and how it can be used in dentistry to the readers. Similarly I was pleased whenContinue reading “I think I have “the perfect face for radio””

Make the most of staff appraisals

Make the most of staff appraisals From Pitt Godden & Taylor‘s weekly newsletter It is important to hold regular staff appraisals even if you have just one employee. They do not have to be intimidating or formal affairs, but they do have to be clear and well thought-out. Ideally, staff should be appraised every sixContinue reading “Make the most of staff appraisals”

Chaps would you have your teeth or your boobs done first?

Now will all dentists believe that lots of folk would like the opportunity to have better looking teeth? It’s your responsibility to offer them the choice, isn’t it? From the BBC website. Male breast op numbers ‘growing fastest’ Surgery to correct ‘man-boobs’ is increasingly popular Breast reduction for men is the fastest-growing part of theContinue reading “Chaps would you have your teeth or your boobs done first?”