More – a film about more by Nic Askew

It has been a challenging and rewarding week that has seen me finally face up to one of the biggest “elephants in my room”. This isn’t the place to share the details but I am in a blinkers on mode and wanted to make a permanent record of the fact that I have made a significant decision about my future. Weight lifted from shoulders, feeling far more positive, productive, useful, happier and better to be around.

Catching up on email this morning I came across the most recent film from Nic Askew. Nic’s films have been a source of thought and inspiration to me for several years and I recommend them regularly. This chimed so perfectly with the way I’m feeling I felt I wanted to share it. For more of Nic’s work take a look at or or follow Nic’s Blog

‘MORE’ from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

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