The single most valuable skill in…..

This from David Hepworth’s blog struck a few chords. The single most valuable skill in (journalism) The human race is divided into two groups: those who are always late and those who are always early. The first group are no busier than the latter group. They have simply decided that being on-time is somehowContinue reading “The single most valuable skill in…..”

Kolbe: How to build the perfect team.

Latest Article for publication by Apex: So far in this series of articles I have concentrated on the Kolbe A index and how its use can benefit both individuals and teams. This time I will talk about the other tools that are available particularly the Kolbe B and C index and their use. The indexesContinue reading “Kolbe: How to build the perfect team.”

Dental Contracts: A Search for Principle and the Future – A report

I was fortunate enough to attend a most informative Dental Legal Conference in Manchester last week, the legal firm Pannone are to be congratulated on the content of the day. Here’s a full report written by Aidan Briggs. The rare Manchester sun was out to welcome delegates to the Lowry hotel for the 2010 DentalContinue reading “Dental Contracts: A Search for Principle and the Future – A report”

Steele – mushroom time for GDPs

The last four front pages of Dentistry magazine sum up beautifully why the “poor bloody infantry” of British (or should that just be English) dentistry feel so confused. How on earth have things been allowed to come to this state where a profession hasn’t got a clue where its future lies? I know that JulianContinue reading “Steele – mushroom time for GDPs”