Free Thinker and a (High) Flier

Written by Audoen Healy on GDPUK

My family and I may have been the only people to manage to fly back to the UK from Spain on Friday. I flew my family back myself in my own aircraft and it was a beautiful day.
I did see the stuff up there, in thin wispy trails, and we did smell hydrogen sulphide very briefly over the Channel.
I only did this after extensive investigations over the previous 24 hours when it became apparent that this whole thing is a massive over reaction, just like the swine flu and prion paranoia.
The precautionary principle has gone into warp drive.
When this dust settles the political backlash will be immense.
Only yesterday did some of the numpties actually decide to seek evidence, send up a 737 with flight crew, fly through the stuff, and examine the engines afterwards.
Result, no discernible damage!
And that was in Holland.
HMG are bloody useless. We are run by out of control quangoes who will do anything to cover their own arses, regardless of the damage it causes to the rest of us.
HMG should have started to test this stuff immediately, and we would in most likelyhood all be back flying by now.
Haven’t you all noticed the small planes flying about with no problem???
There have been no reports of flying incidents or engine damage.
In the history of aviation only a tiny number of planes ever encountered problems with volcanic ash, and they did so by flying through the centre of the plume right over the volcano vent.
Good luck to everyone who is stuck abroad. I hope logic prevails soon, but I am not holding my breath.

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