The World Cup Approaches…..

…..and there’s sod all I can do to avoid it. From the ever excellent Word “massive”. Media template Set hysterically high expectations; Destroy confidence of main players with revelations about their private lives; Blame team for failing to meet the unreasonable expectations with an opening 1-1 draw; Blame ref, ball, or cheating opposition for firstContinue reading “The World Cup Approaches…..”

Damning comment from the BDJ

Good, brief paper in the current BDJ by Jim Page, John Weld & Edwina Kidd on “Caries control in health service practice.” Summary states:It is suggested that it makes sense for dentists providing care for individual patients to take account of caries risk (as assessed by presentation of active, non-cavitated lesions) when deciding how toContinue reading “Damning comment from the BDJ”

Hugh MacLeod’s Great Ideas – 1) Ignore Everbody

I think that there is very little new under the sun so I try to acknowledge my sources whenever I can. Hugh MacLeod’s work is wonderfully original and his daily cartoons are consistently excellent; however, if anything, they tend to distract from how good his ideas are. He has just started a series entitled “GreatContinue reading “Hugh MacLeod’s Great Ideas – 1) Ignore Everbody”

Five Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers – start with me please

Very briefly, three weeks ago at the annual check up for gas boiler etc our gas fire was declared “unsafe”. It had given 18 years of excellent service in two homes so didn’t own us anything. We found an updated version of the same fire online from, it was duly ordered and an emailContinue reading “Five Tips for Dealing with Angry Customers – start with me please”

Day 29 – the Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done – Roz Savage

If you’re a regular here you’ll know that I have been following Roz’s exploits for some while now. At present she’s a month or more into the third leg of her row across the Pacific. This blog post made me stop and think, particularly the paragraph …it made me ponder that in the context ofContinue reading “Day 29 – the Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Done – Roz Savage”

From the USA but of interest here too – “Opposition to Midlevel Providers” aka Dental Therapists

From I’m in two minds about this, DHATs are doing a good job in areas where no dentist wants to practice so “that’s OK then” but it seems that as soon as they come close to the mainstream dental communities there is a fear of loss and the “NIMBY” sense of survival kicks in.Continue reading “From the USA but of interest here too – “Opposition to Midlevel Providers” aka Dental Therapists”

Hardly worth the effort – More Wisdom from Seth

From Seth Godin’s Blog Hardly worth the effort In most fields, there’s an awful lot of work put into the last ten percent of quality. Getting your golf score from 77 to 70 is far more difficult than getting it from 120 to 113 or even from 84 to 77. Answering the phone on theContinue reading “Hardly worth the effort – More Wisdom from Seth”

The Monday Morning Quote #86

Two pieces on gossip from Marc Cooper’s consistently excellent newsletter, The Enlightened Dentist Who gossips with you will gossip of you. -Irish Saying My Name Is Gossip. I have no respect for justice. I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives. I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age. The moreContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #86”