Spike’s Story

In April & May 2009 I wrote these personal blogs: http://www.alunrees.com/blog/rip-freddie & http://www.alunrees.com/blog/welcome-spike Here’s the rest of Spike’s story, written in support of his nomination as “Slimmer of the Year” I kid you not! “He’s quite a big chap,” said Belinda, “and he’s been rather spoilt by his last owner; she wasn’t in the bestContinue reading “Spike’s Story”

Cautious Optimism Is For Amateurs – Doug Emerson

Doug Emerson is a horseman and coach with a niche coaching owners of livery stables in the USA. This recent item from his newsletter struck a personal chord with me. Cautious Optimism Is For Amateurs As the chute opens, is the rodeo bull rider cautiously optimistic about the next eight seconds? Were the signers ofContinue reading “Cautious Optimism Is For Amateurs – Doug Emerson”