Great Plate for a Dentist

I like personalised number plates and own two of them, A14 LUN & A15 AKR which are on my car and motor bike respectively. The former came into my life a few months after my father’s death; I had just managed to sell his old car, a 12 year old Ford Granada for not a large sum and wanted to something with the cash that would let me remember him. The day after the sale I was sitting in a “pre-Gerry Robinson” Little Chef in the Wye Valley waiting for my coffee, reading Saturday’s newspaper and studying the adverts for personalised plates.

Synchronicity strikes. There was A14 LUN priced at exactly the amount that I received for Dad’s Granada, so I did a quick “Well what about it Dad?” and, knowing that he would have enjoyed seeing a car with it, I went for it.

Yesterday morning I was driving through Knightsbridge on my way to the World Aesthetic Conference at the QE II Conference Centre when I let a BMW pull out from a side street. There in front of me was the dentist’s dream number plate – BDS 1. We crept along between traffic lights towards the restricted areas of central London (it was also the Changing of the Guard to celebrate the Queen’s birthday) for perhaps ten minutes. I was wondering whether I was going to follow BDS 1 to Westminster all the way to the Conference, presuming that it must belong to a dentist. I thought about the purchase cost & resale value, and whether there would be CGT to pay.

Eventually at Hyde Park Corner we went our separate ways and I was able to see there was a flag fluttering from the nearside wing. Flags on cars are not unusual at the moment, with World Cup fever around, but I didn’t recognise this one.

It was only when I got home that I realised that BDS 1 was the official car of the Barbadian Embassy – never presume.

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