The Monday Morning Quote

“To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often”

John Henry Newman

New York fashion week: “It’s all about gappy teeth”

Orthodontists – stop space closure and get on with separating those centrals.

New York fashion week: “It’s all about gappy teeth”
A report from the Guardian claims gap teeth are “the must-have orthodontic trait du jour” at New York’s fashion week as designers are calling for models with a diastema (a gap between two teeth). According to the article, in medieval times such gaps were associated with promiscuity, while in Africa especially where a gap is considered a great sign of beauty, dental treatments are available to enlarge the space in between teeth.

So that was Dana’s secret…

Moved by the events of the day.

Sometimes this blog gets personal, no apologies. It has been an emotional day, hopefully this will serve as a reminder of the passing of a lovely man.

If I had heard John Rutter’s hymn”For the Beauty of the Earth” before I was not aware of it. I will always associate it with Llandaff Cathedral and good memories.

That’s the way to write an advert for a Practice Manager.

I came across this via Google this morning, I have no idea whose practice this is, but I will.

Advertised on an online site FREEINDEX which is new to me, but worth a look also.

What a great example of an advert that takes its subject seriously. Compare it with the last recruitment advert that you placed,what can you learn? It certainly discourages time wasters and tyre kickers.

Dental Practice Business and Development Manager for Private Dental Practice in Bury, N. Manchester Job Vacancy in Bury.

Job Overview

Business and Development Manager to take over many of the administrative and financial tasks associated with running a Private Dental Practice.
No prior experience of dentistry is required. Graduates welcome and an attractive remuneration will be negotiated.
The person suitable for this position must have a great deal of flexibility and realise that the job description is an outline of a position which is new and evolving and will make the job description a work in progress, until fine tuned. The outline of the job will change as the practice develops. You must make this job yours.
Please email your CVs with a covering letter outlining your desire for the job.

Duties and Responsibilities

General Management.
Health and Safety Management.
IT and Technology Management.
Human Resource Management.
Financial Management.
Physical Resource Management.
Marketing Services and Sales Management.
Strategic Planning.
The duties of the Business Manager will include:-
Practice Finance, including day-to-day accounting and wages.
Financial Planning and reporting.
Prepare monthly spreadsheets and financial information, including Key Performance Indicators, and present to Practice owner monthly.
Liaising with Accountant, Bank, Insurers and Solicitors.
Supervising the Business Development of the practice.
Practice Organisation.
90 day reviews of planning and achieving Review and develop current brand standards.
Produce and maintain the Practice Operating Manual.
Estate Management – including maintenance, security and upgrading.
Human Resources – “Hiring and Firing”, appraisal interviews.
Organise and chair staff meetings.
Planning and organisation of staff training days and outings.
Compliance with Health and Safety, Employment, and other regulations.
Marketing – external and internal – and strategic planning.
Prepare marketing material – welcome pack, business cards, thank you cards, end of treatment letters, newsletters.
IT and Technology management.
Other duties as required including an initial period of reception duties.

Skills / Qualifications / Experience Required

Communication Skills.
Organisational Skills.
Leadership Skills.
Sales and Marketing Experience and Skills.
Numeracy Skills.
Presentation Skills.
Team Player and Team Building Skills.
Good general education.
Management experience.
Accounting/book keeping experience or qualification.
Articulate and effective communicator.
Business Qualification.
IT skills – Work/Excel/E Mail.
Sales and Marketing skills/ideas.
Smart and professional appearance.
Proactive approach to patient, team and dentist needs.
Goal orientated.
Proactive regarding self-development.
Ability to deal with stress.
Confident and Professional at all times.
Has the Drive to achieve high goals.
Low levels of sickness.
Ability to deal with difficult customers appropriately (internal and external).
Proactive approach to patient, team and dentist needs.
Ability to be flexible.

The Monday Morning Quote

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you actually do.

Attitude determines how well you do it… “

Raymond Chandler

Viren Patel – R.I.P.

I was saddened to receive this today, Viren was a lovely man and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

My sympathies go to his family.

Dear BOS member
It was with sadness, surprise and shock that we learned of the death of Viren Patel last Thursday.
Viren was such a bouyant, outgoing and engaging person and, although the past few years had not been easy for him, his sudden death is difficult to absorb.
I have spoken to his wife, Clare, and passed on the Society’s heartfelt condolences at this traumatic time.  If you knew Viren at all, I would urge you to contact Clare to help her and their four children through this difficult time.
The funeral will be on Wednesday 22 September starting with a Service at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff at 12.00 noon.
Viren will then be cremated at 1.45 at Coychurch Crematorium in Bridgend.
All those who knew Viren are invited to attend both the Memorial Service and the cremation.

The Monday Morning Quote

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

Hamlet (Act II, Scene II)

(With thanks to John Seymour)

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