New York fashion week: “It’s all about gappy teeth”

Orthodontists – stop space closure and get on with separating those centrals. New York fashion week: “It’s all about gappy teeth” A report from the Guardian claims gap teeth are “the must-have orthodontic trait du jour” at New York’s fashion week as designers are calling for models with a diastema (a gap between two teeth).Continue reading “New York fashion week: “It’s all about gappy teeth””

That’s the way to write an advert for a Practice Manager.

I came across this via Google this morning, I have no idea whose practice this is, but I will. Advertised on an online site FREEINDEX which is new to me, but worth a look also. What a great example of an advert that takes its subject seriously. Compare it with the last recruitment advert thatContinue reading “That’s the way to write an advert for a Practice Manager.”

Kolbe Wisdom™ and Leadership

This is the most recent article for Apex.  I have borrowed and quoted heavily from Kathy Kolbe’s book “Pure Instinct” which is available from Kolbe Corporation through their website It is possible that some of the concepts I discuss will not be clear to the reader who has not read the earlier articles, IContinue reading “Kolbe Wisdom™ and Leadership”