ASU researchers confirm brain’s decision-making function

Article from ASU researchers are finding out what makes people tick. ASU Associate business professor Pierre Balthazard and independent scientist Kathy Kolbe hope to apply data from a new scientific study on the third faculty of the brain, called conation, to learn what drives people. The study, administered at Kolbe Corp., Kolbe’s company, examinedContinue reading “ASU researchers confirm brain’s decision-making function”

The Monday Morning Quote

“Nullius in Verba” I thought the above which translates as “On the words of no one”  particularly apt at the moment in view of the very tsunami of unfounded, unscientific legislation that is threatening, if not to overwhelm, then to seriously distract many practice owners from the one thing that should be most important toContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote”

Dental Showcase – the BDTA doing it’s bit for exports.

Just back from a great couple of days at Dental Showcase, good content and the  excellent networking opportunities. I have made my feelings about the Venue, ExCel, pretty clear in the past. Dreadful to reach by road or rail, everything within a few miles is over priced and the vast majority of people attending, bothContinue reading “Dental Showcase – the BDTA doing it’s bit for exports.”

Apex E-zine, DentisTV & Beyond

This posting is about Interactive Dental Media; the company, run by Marita Kritzinger, is founded on a solid base of thoughtful traditional journalism but has also embraced new technology and used it to provide innovative products to the dental media market in the UK and beyond. I am proud to have been writing for ApexContinue reading “Apex E-zine, DentisTV & Beyond”

Kathy Kolbe and Dr. Pierre Balthazard Reveal Brain Research and Kolbe Wisdom

I have just returned from a sensational few days at the Kolbe Professional Growth Seminar, all consultants have to be re-certified by the staff at HQ every 18 months and I look forward to my trips to Phoenix Arizona to meet up with the fellow users of Kolbe Wisdom. I have been a Consultant sinceContinue reading “Kathy Kolbe and Dr. Pierre Balthazard Reveal Brain Research and Kolbe Wisdom”

Dry Mouth- Potentially Good News?

During the later stages of my father’s life he suffered with xerostomia, or dry mouth, due to his anti-diuretic medication. It meant that he found it extremely difficult to wear his dentures; always a proud man, this added a psychological problem to his physical ones. It was a sign of the poor care that heContinue reading “Dry Mouth- Potentially Good News?”