Work v Life – from Hugh MacCleod

With apologies to all my sincere friends, no offence meant. If you take yourself so seriously that you can’t cope with even the slightest hint of criticism then you really ought to get out more (or find yourself a life coach). I dislike the phrase “Work Life Balance”; it co-exists in that unreal world ofContinue reading “Work v Life – from Hugh MacCleod”

Update your complaints procedures.

I’m in demob mood, it’s the eve of Christmas Eve and there has been an excess of serious stuff to deal with for most GDPs this year. Please take some time away from your profession and resolve to see the farcical in the excesses of bureaucracy that are threatening to take the joy and spontaneityContinue reading “Update your complaints procedures.”

H&S hasn’t reached West Cork yet

The big freeze hasn’t passed West Cork, inspite of being “kissed by the Gulf Stream” as the tourist brochures would have it there have been very low temperatures and snow falls. At one of the dental practices in Skibbereen, the practice owner was quite concerned about the weight of snow on the flat roof ofContinue reading “H&S hasn’t reached West Cork yet”

The Christmas Party – more risk in 3 hours than in 365 days.

Christmas Parties – the dos and don’ts. Everybody, but everybody, has a story about a business Christmas party that has gone wrong. What seems innocent and a piece of fun after a few drinks can have repercussions for the life of the company. My uncle, who owns an engineering company, got to the point whereContinue reading “The Christmas Party – more risk in 3 hours than in 365 days.”

Make the most of staff appraisals

From Pitt, Godden & Taylor’s website Make the most of staff appraisals It is important to hold regular staff appraisals even if you have just one employee. They do not have to be intimidating or formal affairs, but they do have to be clear and well thought-out. Ideally, staff should be appraised every six months.Continue reading “Make the most of staff appraisals”