Dip in household budget confidence.

If you’re the owner of a “family” dental practice then don’t be surprised when people are concerned about what they perceive as discretionary spending and choose the cheapest options. Prepare for it, acknowledge it and take action to be able to offer alternatives either clinically or financially. Dip in household budget confidence 21 February 2011Continue reading “Dip in household budget confidence.”

BDA press release: Deferring dental treatment unwise, warns BDA

So it’s not just you that is experiencing problems with “the book”. 17 January 2011 Deferring dental treatment unwise, warns BDA Concerns about the economic climate are leading patients in England to cancel dental appointments and defer treatments they need, according to research by the British Dental Association (BDA). The unfortunate knock-on effect of theseContinue reading “BDA press release: Deferring dental treatment unwise, warns BDA”

CQC = Can’t Quite Cope

As Susie Sanderson said: “CQC stands for Can’t Quite Cope.” Nearly 1,000 care homes are without a registered manager, says regulator 8 October 2010 The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said today (8 October) that nearly 1,000 residential care homes do not have a registered manager in place, despite this being a requirement of the newContinue reading “CQC = Can’t Quite Cope”

Tell George Osborne what you think will work.

Chancellor wants ideas for the Budget The Chancellor, George Osborne has flagged up a new online portal, designed to elicit ideas from the public and from businesses for the forthcoming Budget. The portal allows anyone to send their ideas direct to the desks of the Treasury officials working on the Budget, which will be deliveredContinue reading “Tell George Osborne what you think will work.”

The Weekend Read – The Lombardi Rules by Vince Lombardi

Barely 50 pages long, I’m suggesting this book on this weekend to tie in with Super Bowl XLV Vince Lombardi (1913-1970) was an American football coach, in a professional coaching career that lasted 16 years from his start with the New York Giants as offensive co-ordinator 1n 1954 until his death from colon cancer inContinue reading “The Weekend Read – The Lombardi Rules by Vince Lombardi”