Key Performance Indicators are NOT targets

A great midweek tip from my friend & fellow coach Brett Sadler, with the seeming obsession with KPIs in healthcare here’s a healthier point of view.

Nobody gets up in the morning thinking “I am so looking forward to work – I simply can’t wait to get stuck into improving those Key Performance Indicators.”
(Well nobody I’ve ever met, anyway!)

But, believe it or not…
…that’s exactly what so many leaders  in businessexpect their people to do!

Now, you and I know it doesn’t work, and yet we still fall so easily into that cosy little trap – with  its seductive warm arms invitingly wide open – of chasing what we can most easily measure.

I believe the current obsession with chasing KPI’s is causing businesses to drastically under-perform,costing them many, many thousands of pounds each and every day.

The secret is…
…in the name: they are only Key Performance Indicators. They merely indicate how well we are performing in the key areas we have chosen to make our priority.

The truth is, if we focus on improving our Performance, the indicators will automatically reflect our successes.

But if we chase the numbers, our people will cease to care and we’ll struggle vainly, valiantly, desperately, to get anywhere near the required level of performance.


Your dream result…
…needs to be something that appeals to the heart, spirit and aspirations of your team, providing an invisible yet powerful motivating force to compel,  propel and excel your business forward.

Sell the dream, and build a culture around it: drop-dead gorgeous products, stop-you-in-your-tracks customer service, or sumptuous to-die-for quality.

Then watch with…
…quiet satisfied pride as your KPI’s rapidly improve,  reflecting how the unstoppable progress you are making on your journey is transforming the dream into an everyday reality for you and your team.

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