“Tales from the Troubleshooter #1” Dentinal Tubules reaches 500.

Congratulations to Dhru Shah and the Dentinal Tubules “team” (I rather suspect that’s Dhru and er…Dhru) on publishing their 500th article. I bask in the reflected glory that the article that marks No. 500 is one of mine. It’s the start of a new series on Dentinal Tubules that reflects the work I do, calledContinue reading ““Tales from the Troubleshooter #1” Dentinal Tubules reaches 500.”

The Weekend Read – Brush by James Goolnick

This review first appeared on GDP-UK http://www.gdpuk.com I read this book at a single sitting and really enjoyed it as a “fly past”. It’s full of ideas and tips resulting from James’ experiences of personal and professional life, initially as an associate but primarily as founder and principal of Bow Lane Dental in the CityContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Brush by James Goolnick”

Dennis the Dentist & other names

Report from the first full day of TED 2011 in The Guardian. People called Dennis are disproportionately likely to become dentists. But call your son Lawrence and there’s a far higher than average likelihood he’ll become a lawyer. We are unconsciously drawn to things we sound like, according to New York Times columnist David BrooksContinue reading “Dennis the Dentist & other names”

Cascade of broken promises – Seth’s Macbook Story

Seth Godin is one of the most influential people on the planet, in my (humble) opinion. So when he writes like this no matter who you are, you know that people will listen. Lesson is simple: “Don’t make promises that you can’t keep”. It applies at top end, middle and bottom end of each andContinue reading “Cascade of broken promises – Seth’s Macbook Story”