Practice Managers’ Retreat

A review of the Retreat held in Wydale Hall recently – to reserve your place on the next retreat go Joanna Taylor’s website. Practice Managers’ Retreat Wow, what an amazing two days! Wydale Hall in North Yorkshire is a beautiful 18th century country house set in 14 acres of gardens and woodlands.  It is theContinue reading “Practice Managers’ Retreat”

Often quoted but ever read?

The Hippocratic Oath is frequently referred to during discussions about medicine, and by extension dentistry. Portions are quoted but I never knew whether they were taken in or out of context. To my knowledge nobody ever discusses the full words and meaning of the statements, attributed to Hippocrates, some two and a half millennia agoContinue reading “Often quoted but ever read?”

26th TC White Symposium – Surviving Dentistry

There’s an acknowledgement of the presence of stress, both mental and physical, and the damage it can have on dentists and their teams in the TC White Symposium to be held at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow on the 13th of next month. (It’s difficult to write the next bit without lookingContinue reading “26th TC White Symposium – Surviving Dentistry”

“Tales from the Troubleshooter #2”

Tales from The Troubleshooter – Case 1. Jimmy’s story. Part 2.Where are you going? The Seven Pillars of Dental Practice Management© are: Vision Financial Controls Sales Marketing People, Environment Systems Last month I told the story of how Jimmy had got into a situation where he had a high income but was losing money andContinue reading ““Tales from the Troubleshooter #2””

The Weekend Read – “A few words from the chair” by David Clow

David Clow has written a highly relevant book that should be required reading for dentists and their teams whether they be new to practice or veterans of the profession. His arguments are put succinctly and he challenges many of the established points of view that we take to be automatically true. Whilst this is anContinue reading “The Weekend Read – “A few words from the chair” by David Clow”