How Cavity-Causing Microbes Invade The Heart

More evidence of the links between oral & systemic diseases. If you’re a dental professional why not: Write a press release for your local newspaper? / Radio? /TV? Add a link to your website? Mention in your newsletters? Write to your local GMPs? From     How Cavity-Causing Microbes Invade The Heart Scientists have discoveredContinue reading “How Cavity-Causing Microbes Invade The Heart”

Dental practice goodwill on the up in last quarter – NASDA Report

Dental Practice goodwill has risen in the last quarter but not across the board an update from Alan Suggett of UNW. I’m curious how the transfer of CQC registration will affect the speed of future sales – the CQC don’t seem to have thought the practicalities through yet.      

“Tales from the Troubleshooter #4”

Firstly all congratulations to Dhru Shah & team at Dentinal Tubules as they reach their 5,000th subscriber. Here’s the latest piece of mine they have published in which we reach the half way point of Jimmy’s story. You can find it on-line here Tales from The Troubleshooter – Case 1. Jimmy’s story. Part 4.Continue reading ““Tales from the Troubleshooter #4””