Denplan release new survey on consumer attitudes

I have always admired Denplan’s involvement in both future gazing and examining where the market is now. I remember reading in 1996 the Demos publication “Open Wide” co-authored by the wonderfully named Perri 6, in which Denplan were active participants. If you’re interested to see in how right or wrong they were about 2010 youContinue reading “Denplan release new survey on consumer attitudes”

“Tales from the Troubleshooter #5”

As published in Dentinal Tubules here’s the fifth instalment of Jimmy’s story. Tales from The Troubleshooter – Case 1. Jimmy’s story. Part 5. People – Asset or Liability? The Seven Pillars of Dental Practice Management© are: Vision Financial Controls Sales Marketing People Environment Systems Accountants show equipment as an asset and the wages owing toContinue reading ““Tales from the Troubleshooter #5””

European Dental Trade (Market Trends)

Just come across this on the Stockdale-Martin blog, interesting reading, the blogpost is here. The Federation of the European Dental Industry (FIDE) recently released its 2011 Survey on the European Dental Trade (Market Trends). Co-designed by ADDE, the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe, the survey gives an insight into dental industry demographics, manufacturing andContinue reading “European Dental Trade (Market Trends)”

Dentists – be wary of social media

Hot on the heels of the Nursing and midwifery Council warning Nurses and midwives about the use of Facebook and other social media sites, more here, comes a similar message from the British Medical Association, here. Doctors warned over using Facebook By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor Wednesday, 13 July 2011 Doctors should not accept Facebook requestsContinue reading “Dentists – be wary of social media”

What are “regulators” for?

I have been wondering about the parallels in regulation between dentistry and other professions. General Dental Council – – front page shows a smiling person doing something to a plaster model on a Tupperware container. “We are the organisation which regulates dental professionals in the UK.” General Medical Council – – front pageContinue reading “What are “regulators” for?”