If you’re heading to BDTA Dental Showcase #2 Bridge2Aid

          Are you planning to attend the BDTA Showcase this year? We’re throwing a party on Friday 21st October 2011 at the NEC Birmingham, the same location as the BDTA Showcase! The evening will include a Vegas Style Casino, a Live band, DJ, buffet dinner and drinks. Tickets are £25 andContinue reading “If you’re heading to BDTA Dental Showcase #2 Bridge2Aid”

If you’re heading to BDTA Dental Showcase #1 Dentaid

‘Instrument Amnesty’ returns to Showcase Do you have any hand instruments you no longer use? In order to address the need for dental instruments in developing countries, the BDTA is pleased to announce that the instrument amnesty will be returning to Showcase 2011. The BDTA is linking up with Dentaid, the dental charity striving toContinue reading “If you’re heading to BDTA Dental Showcase #1 Dentaid”


Alan Stevens – The Media Coach – writes well and regularly about all aspects of media. This is from today’s ezine and, as usual, is full of sense. IS SOCIAL MEDIA OVERTAKING SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been around for a while, with many companies offering to ensure that you are on page oneContinue reading “IS SOCIAL MEDIA OVERTAKING SEO? The Media Coach’s take..”

The NHS associate pension problem – join Alan Suggett’s campaign.

Alan Suggett has started a campaign about a subject that I have mentioned before, associates’ pensions. This piece from Dentinal Tubules speaks for itself. Imagine if you were told that an elderly person left a parcel containing several thousand pounds on the bus when he or she got off. The parcel wasn’t ever returned. HowContinue reading “The NHS associate pension problem – join Alan Suggett’s campaign.”

Select Committee critical of CQC.

My personal take on this is that yet again the professionals involved with the in-depth knowledge were ignored by the politicians who established and imposed the CQC on the dental profession. Now the same politicians turn around and try to blame the CQC for doing what they had been instructed. I am in no wayContinue reading “Select Committee critical of CQC.”

Think Pink! really?

Dentist surgeries should think pink if they want to relax patients, according to Lima Europe According to interior designers, Lima Europe, businesses should think about how their customers want to feel when refurbishing their premises. A mid to light pink, which can help to relax the muscles, would be an ideal colour for a dentistsContinue reading “Think Pink! really?”

The Monday Morning Quote – #132

To mark the start of the Rugby World Cup here are a few of my favourite rugby quotes. Pre-game pep talk before facing England – “Look what these bastards have done to Wales. They’ve taken our coal, our water, our steel. They buy our houses and they only live in them for a fortnight everyContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote – #132”