Please don’t use these words

With thanks to Lucy Kelloway who calls it Waffle Flu therefore in need of “hygiene at work” & other contributions to Bullshit Bingo. Walk the talk T.E.A.M. There’s no “I” in team Elephant in the room Thought leadership Going forward Roadmap Outcomes Toolbox Push the envelope Go the extra mile Head up Flag up IContinue reading “Please don’t use these words”

NHS Pension Confusion – some clarification

During the past few weeks there has been a great deal of publicity and debate about changes to NHS pensions that came into force on November 7th. The BDA have been in discussion with the Department of Health and have issued some advice for members here. Alan Suggett from accountants UNW has produced an excellentContinue reading “NHS Pension Confusion – some clarification”

Blogging: Not for the get-rich-quick crowd – A great take from the Gaping Void

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a great fan of Hugh “Gaping Void” MacLeod. He really gets the use (and sometimes the futility) of marketing and social media. This reminds me of the man lying on his death bed saying “I wish I had got another thousand twitter followers.” Full postContinue reading “Blogging: Not for the get-rich-quick crowd – A great take from the Gaping Void”

Good news for orthodontists?

From Medical News Today Teeth Crowded In Seniors The size of our jaws decreases with age. This is shown in a unique study from the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmö University that followed a cohort of dentists throughout their adult lives. The unique study started in 1949. Plaster molds were made of the jawsContinue reading “Good news for orthodontists?”