RollyBrush – Does anyone know if / how well it works?

I’ve seen things like this in dispensing machines in motorway service stations and treated them with suspicion – but  then I was slow to take interproximal brushes on board being a “floss is the only thing that works” man. So when I saw this on Marty Jablow’s blog I was interested. If you’ve tried itContinue reading “RollyBrush – Does anyone know if / how well it works?”

“Irish takeover for British teeth”

From Wiltshire Business Online. 12:00pm Friday 20th July 2012 in News Dublin-based Smiles Dental today announced its purchase of the debt of UK dental practice group James Hull Associates (JHA), with a view to take equity control in the coming weeks. The deal will see Smiles Dental take control of JHA’s 70-plus practices across theContinue reading ““Irish takeover for British teeth””

The Monday Morning Quote #176

“The beginning of greatness is to be different. And the beginning of failure is to be orthodox. Big ideas come from the unconscious. This is true in art, in science, and in advertising. But your unconscious has to be well informed, or your idea will be irrelevant. Stuff your conscious mind with information, then unhookContinue reading “The Monday Morning Quote #176”

Critical Illness Claim Statistics 2011 – Do You Have Sufficient Cover?

One of the questions that I ask my clients is about Critical Illness & sickness cover – I have no pecuniary interest in this subject but would hate to see a client and family suffer. So I when I saw this from the always interesting newsletter from Ray & Graeme at Rutherford Wilkinson I thoughtContinue reading “Critical Illness Claim Statistics 2011 – Do You Have Sufficient Cover?”

Dental Practice Running Costs on the Up – FTA

News from the FTA blog. Dental Practice Running Costs on the Up The cost of running a dental practice in England and Wales has increased for 93% of all respondents in the last 12 months. So says a recent survey carried out for Frank Taylor and Associates by the Forum of Private Business. As mightContinue reading “Dental Practice Running Costs on the Up – FTA”

Chewing gum & Orthodontics –

In those orthodontic days of my portfolio career having been taught that it was wrong for patients with fixed appliances to chew gum I used to pass on dire warnings after “bonding up” a patient. “Avoid hard foods,” I would warn, “and chewy sweets and chewing gum.” This was just the start of the list.Continue reading “Chewing gum & Orthodontics –”

Bridge 2 Aid Student Elective Programme 2013

What a great opportunity from those folks at Bridge2Aid Following the success of our pilot Elective project visit in December last year, we are happy to announce the launch of our elective programme for 2013. In partnership with Henry Schein Minerva, we are offering an amazing opportunity for 4 students to take part in ourContinue reading “Bridge 2 Aid Student Elective Programme 2013”