“Jump” said industry. “How high?” asks the department.

As I understand it independent means, “free from control in action, judgement, etc.; autonomous”. The role of independent advisers, in this case academics, (funny how that word can seem derogatory) is surely to provide balance to those with an agenda (declared or otherwise) so that decisions can not only be taken but also seen toContinue reading ““Jump” said industry. “How high?” asks the department.”

Gordon Christensen returns to Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Independent Dentists Dr Gordon Christensen – New Aspects of Dentistry Saturday 13th October 2012 (Registration 9.00am), Gold Cup Suite, Cheltenham Racecourse This fast moving course includes the areas of dentistry with the most activity and change in any given year. It is easily understood and has numerous summaries that help attendees to interpret theContinue reading “Gordon Christensen returns to Gloucestershire”

Report reveals deep decay to dentists’ pay, says BDA

22 August, 2012 Report reveals deep decay to dentists’ pay, says BDA Dentists in England and Wales are earning significantly less and paying more in essential costs and expenses than three years ago, according to new figures published by the NHS Information Centre today. The British Dental Association (BDA) says the report, Dental Earnings andContinue reading “Report reveals deep decay to dentists’ pay, says BDA”