Back training places call, young dentists urge.

In the wake of the DFT fiasco comes a call from young dentists. I am assured that the only reason there weren’t more places is because the DoH wouldn’t releases funds. One thing strikes me as odd when dentists leave the NHS the figure that their training has cost “the taxpayer” is frequently quoted asContinue reading “Back training places call, young dentists urge.”

I do wish I had said that #6

Michael Watson writing in Dentistry nails the subject. Can governments be trusted with commissioning? Michael Watson questions why commissioning remains the cornerstone to provision of healthcare across the NHS including dentistry. The fiasco over West Coast Main Line rail franchise raises questions of whether ministers or civil servants can be trusted with commissioning projects inContinue reading “I do wish I had said that #6”

The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #6 – The Canary System

From The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation A Toronto Success Story Quantum Dental Technologies A Quantum Leap For Dental Care Drilling and filling cavities could soon be a thing of the past thanks to revolutionary new technology developed by Toronto dentist Stephen Abrams and U of T engineer Andreas Mandelis. Called The CanaryContinue reading “The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #6 – The Canary System”