What have I learned, the 2003 version.

Ten years ago when I was considering “my future” I was encouraged by my coach to write, “the story so far and what have I learned”. I won’t share most of it (way too inward looking and indulgent). But this list I am happy to repeat. What have I learned: Dentistry is a bloody hardContinue reading “What have I learned, the 2003 version.”

Stafford etc

The Francis report on Stafford Hospitals has left guilty parties still in post, promoted, retired or in the case of Andy Burnham making as much noise as possible to divert attention from the fact that he was responsible for approving the Foundation Trust status. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9851104/Mid-Staffs-report-the-key-figures-in-the-scandal.html Much has been written, a lot of it by peopleContinue reading “Stafford etc”

CBCT Training – Bristol – May 24th 2013

CBCT 3D Training CPD (BSDMFR) – Bristol May 24th 2013 Code: CBCTBRI2405 Id: 158 Price: £285.00 + VAT Who Should Attend This Course HPA-CRCE-010 – ‘Guidance on the Safe Use of Dental CBCT Equipment’ outlines the specific training requirements for anyone using Dental CBCT, with a detailed curriculum compiled by the British Society of DentalContinue reading “CBCT Training – Bristol – May 24th 2013”

Kolbe – “Glop Shop” in Action

From Kathy Kolbe – a great demo of “Glop Shop” & Kolbe A in action. “I have been working closely with Thomas P Seager, PhD in the ASU Engineering department. This is an excellent description of Demonstrating Conative Theory with Glop Shop videos. I encourage you to use them and pass them on!” sustainableengineeringsystems.com/2013/02/12/glop-shop-demonstrating-conative-theory/

Raise a glass to someone other than St Valentine.

Always make space for heroes in your life. Via “Today in Literature” Sir Alexander Fleming announced his discovery of the mold by-product “penicillin” on this day in 1929. Fleming’s scholarly paper only tentatively suggested that penicillin “may be an efficient antiseptic” against some bacteria — his department head at St. Mary’s Hospital, London even wantedContinue reading “Raise a glass to someone other than St Valentine.”

PSA report makes concerning reading says BDA

PSA report makes concerning reading says BDA A Professional Standards Authority (PSA) report of an investigation into concerns about the General Dental Council (GDC) raises serious concerns about the performance of the organisation in recent years, the British Dental Association (BDA) has said.   The report makes significant criticisms about the handling of the disciplinaryContinue reading “PSA report makes concerning reading says BDA”

Help with Melanoma Study

Here’s a request from some help with a research project – it will take you about 10 minutes – please help. “This is an online research project, looking at whether showing people images of melanomas actually makes them better and distinguishing benign from serious things. It is all randomised so different people see different things.Continue reading “Help with Melanoma Study”