NASDAL benchmarking statistics released

The annual benchmarking statistics just issued by NASDAL show that dental practices have been contending with a significant increase in costs. In the tax returns of dentists in the year ending March 2012, the total average costs of running a dental practice equated to 67.6% of practice income. As a result, profits are almost backContinue reading “NASDAL benchmarking statistics released”

TGBSL #11 – Researchers grow teeth from gum cells

(TGBSL = The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime a reference to Colin Douglas’s book) From BBC Website Researchers grow teeth from gum cells Dentists may one day be able to replace missing teeth with ones newly grown from gum cells, say UK researchers. The team from King’s College London took cells from adult human gum tissueContinue reading “TGBSL #11 – Researchers grow teeth from gum cells”