Upcoming courses in Occlusion & Sleep Apnoea

A great way to get “into” occlusion The Bristish Society of Occlusal Studies are running some more of their very popular introduction to occlusion courses Day 1 “Occlusion in Everyday Practice” Day 2 “Hands-On Occlusal Practical” Both courses are available to attend individually. However, for delegates who book on both days Prestige Dental are offeringContinue reading “Upcoming courses in Occlusion & Sleep Apnoea”

Two sides of customer service.

Four tales from customer services and attitudes during the past 10 days. It won’t come as any surprise that the two negative reports are from banks. Let’s start with good reports. First Fellowes. The website of Fellowes says that they have been making “Quality Office Products since 1917”. They are a US based company whoseContinue reading “Two sides of customer service.”

Protest and dance now – see you at The BDA?

I was inspired by this film of customers protesting about Spanish banks by doing a flashmob Flamenco.   it got me wondering whether we should try something at the BDA conference next week when Earl Howe stands up to deliver the usual platitudes about commitment to the NHS and how wonderful the next new contractContinue reading “Protest and dance now – see you at The BDA?”

Foundation Dentist Places – Please Sign The Petition

The below is “lifted” from GDPUK. I am pleased to share it here. The situation is deplorable please sign the petition. epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40302 Hello everyone! Wanted to post a message regarding something a few of us have been working on at the BDA with regards to Young Dentists and how available training posts have been affectedContinue reading “Foundation Dentist Places – Please Sign The Petition”

Mediocre companies have teams, great companies have tribes

Great post & cartoon from Hugh MacLeod at Gaping Void Go Team Go! Sounds good, but like a sports club, teams come together for a common goal – to win.  But you know that winning isn’t everything, right? Tribes come together around common beliefs. Great companies know this.  Their tribe is not just about winning. Continue reading “Mediocre companies have teams, great companies have tribes”