Protest and dance now – see you at The BDA?

I was inspired by this film of customers protesting about Spanish banks by doing a flashmob Flamenco.

it got me wondering whether we should try something at the BDA conference next week when Earl Howe stands up to deliver the usual platitudes about commitment to the NHS and how wonderful the next new contract will be.

I asked for a contribution from Wales and Lancashire and they’re ready

The Scottish Branches are already training

and Barry McGonigle (here seen soloing after his regular chest waxing) has been liaising with the IDA for some cross border contribution which will no doubt take over the world, see can you spot Simon Thackeray drumming at the start

Sadly the contributions from England have been less than overwhelming

Western Counties asked the GDPs from Helston, Truro & Falmouth to send a team

and the only other contribution was ruled out after a risk assessment of those sticks.

Oh well we’ll have to leave it to Les Jones & Practice Plan again.

See you on Friday morning?

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