Dental Project: Malawi

You are invited to take part in the Dental Project: Malawi In association with Dentaid, a group of passionate dental professionals are going to Malawi in July 2013 to install dental equipment, provide dental care, and deliver workshops to the communities. You can help us in THREE ways: 1. To deliver the best possible careContinue reading “Dental Project: Malawi”

The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #13

(The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime a reference to Colin Douglas’s book) An interesting article from The Daily Wail  except that a Google search shows that it isn’t exactly new news. A new gel that dissolves tooth decay could provide an alternative to the dentist’s drill. The gel, made from a compound found in the fruitContinue reading “The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #13”

BDA issues new dental public health warning

BDA issues new dental public health warning A Government commitment to improve the oral health of the youngest children could be jeopardised if the shortfall in the dental public health workforce is not addressed, the British Dental Association (BDA) has warned. Despite previous assurances that the many gaps in the Consultant in Dental Public HealthContinue reading “BDA issues new dental public health warning”