The Weekend Read – Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield & Shawn Coyne

Steven Pressfield’s first non-fiction book was “The War of Art” and is essential reading for anyone with a tendency to procrastinate who needs help them get out of their own way. His most recent “Turning Pro” takes the battle against “Resistance”, as he calls it, to a higher plane.

Easy to read, with brief chapters, the book is divided into three sections. Firstly there is “The Amateur Life” with descriptions of what happens in your amateur life before you become professional or “Turn Pro”. Next is the section “Self-Inflicted Wounds” which describes the states of the Amateur and the point at which it becomes necessary to “Turn Pro”.

41rGTD807-L._SL210_Finally comes “The Professional Mindset” which starts with the list of 20 qualities of a professional that were first described in The War of Art and proceeds to add to and amplify them. It includes my favourite (and the briefest) chapter with the title, “The Professional will not be Distracted”. There are but two sentences. “The amateur tweets. The pro works.”

If you wrestle with your commitment or feel that you could and should be better than you are then this book is a must read. But be warned. “Turning Pro is free, but it’s not easy, it demands sacrifice but you will find power, your voice and self-respect.“ It’s a book that I wish had been compulsory reading on my undergraduate curriculum.

Available from Amazon here.

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