Sign Child Oral Health Petition

Sign child oral health petition dental professionals urged

Dental professionals are being urged to add their names to a petition that calls for robust action to address child oral health inequalities.

The petition has been launched as part of the BDA’s recently-announced Make a meal of it campaign. The campaign aims to tackle the damage being done to children’s teeth by sugary and acidic food and drink, particularly when consumed outside normal meal times. It seeks restrictions on the advertising and display of harmful products and a tax on sugary, carbonated drinks.

The petition can be signed here.

make-a-meal-landing-pageThe campaign also encourages dentists to get involved by identifying examples of shops that display harmful products at checkouts to appeal to children, hospitals and sports centres that host vending machines stuffed full of such products, and cinemas that sell only unhealthy alternatives. Find out more on the campaign web page.

Launching the campaign BDA Scientific Adviser Damien Walmsley said:

“Despite a steady improvement to oral health in recent years an unacceptable number of children in the UK still suffer with tooth decay. Regrettably, some retailers insist on putting profits before health, disregarding the potential ill effects of their products and dangling temptation in front of children. A more responsible approach must be adopted by such organisations to help address the poor oral health that dentists see in communities across the UK. I urge all members of the dental community to get behind this campaign.”

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