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Dear Gemma Thank you for your email. Please note that I am no longer associated with the practice that used your company for their telephony. Please remove my email address from your database. I do not approve of my email address being shared with 40 odd others (and I am sure they feel the sameContinue reading “Email to”

Latest NASDAL Goodwill Survey Results Released

From the recent ezine from Alan Suggett & the team at UNW LATEST NASDAL GOODWILL SURVEY RESULTS RELEASED NHS dental practices continue to attract higher prices than private practices according to the latest goodwill survey results from NASDAL. Carried out quarterly, the most recent survey for the period April to July 2013 shows that onContinue reading “Latest NASDAL Goodwill Survey Results Released”

Twitter, that Old Media Darling

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. An interesting blog from HBR. As regular readers will know I am ambivalent about Twitter – finding it “too noisy” for my tastes. Did you hear? Twitter’s initial public offering is coming. News of this has created a fresh round of pontification across digital media. There are already winnersContinue reading “Twitter, that Old Media Darling”

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.

In 2011 Mouth Cancer Awareness Day was successfully launched in Ireland by the Mouth Cancer Awareness Group. Members of the public are encouraged to visit dentists participating in the scheme for a FREE mouth cancer examination.  The Mouth Cancer Foundation has recently launched its Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme which encourages all dental practice toContinue reading “Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.”

The Weekend Read – Floss by David Holland

A comprehensive guide to successfully marketing your dental practice by one of the UK’s foremost dental sales and marketing experts. I’m surprised that I haven’t got around to featuring this excellent little book before now. David Holland has a successful history in sales and marketing with multinational companies but over the last decade has workedContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Floss by David Holland”

SDPC decision gives funding uplift green light

BDA PRESS RELEASE PR44.13 6 September 2013 SDPC decision gives funding uplift green light An agreed funding uplift for general dental practice across Scotland is to be implemented following a decision not to pursue a judicial review process that would have prevented the award being made. Following careful consideration of the potential consequences of acceptingContinue reading “SDPC decision gives funding uplift green light”