“Artists don’t show you their brushes do they?”

An interesting conversation with someone non-dental, but with forcefully held opinions, about dentists’ websites. It only re-enforced my views that the only people interested in technical dentistry are dentists and dental people. Went along the lines of , “Alun, you work with dentists and advise them on their business don’t you?” I acknowledged that IContinue reading ““Artists don’t show you their brushes do they?””

BDA warns that dental degree students face study-related debts up to £60,000

Press release from the BDA – judging from my anecdotal evidence £60K is a modest estimate. I know it’s the same in every other country in the world but what are the new graduates faced with on graduation? The nightmare of FD1 selection. Having to jump through NHS hoops thus reducing their abilities to earnContinue reading “BDA warns that dental degree students face study-related debts up to £60,000”

Exchange it …Roy Lilley’s blog on the NHS Management

I spend most of my working life helping dentists, medics and other small business owners with their businesses. I firmly believe that you must have basic understanding of the way your business is supposed to run profitably else you will get into trouble. The repeated parachuting of celebrity business leaders into government organisations doesn’t seemContinue reading “Exchange it …Roy Lilley’s blog on the NHS Management”

Bupa snaps up London corporate dental chain

From Health Investor Bupa snaps up London corporate dental chain Bupa has expanded its reach into the UK dental market with the acquisition of Barbican Dental Care, for an undisclosed sum. Barbican Dental Care is a specialist corporate dental business, providing private dental care and corporate dental plans to firms based in the City ofContinue reading “Bupa snaps up London corporate dental chain”

Vacancy for a very special dentist.

From the excellent Richard Hellen & team in Carlisle a fantastic opportunity for the right person. Are you looking to get off the treadmill and spread your wings? We are looking for a very special dentist who wants to build themselves a niche with us. One day a week building to two and more. AboutContinue reading “Vacancy for a very special dentist.”

Why can’t all customer service be this good?

I broke my phone last week. I was running to get in from the rain and it fell out of my jacket pocket hit a wall and then the pavement, slithered along for a few yards and came to a halt. Damage included a cracked back and screen; but the impact had caused it toContinue reading “Why can’t all customer service be this good?”