“Artists don’t show you their brushes do they?”

An interesting conversation with someone non-dental, but with forcefully held opinions, about dentists’ websites. It only re-enforced my views that the only people interested in technical dentistry are dentists and dental people.

Went along the lines of , “Alun, you work with dentists and advise them on their business don’t you?”

I acknowledged that I did my best to do so.

“Then why the hell can’t you get them to stop putting horrendous pictures of bad teeth, surgical sites and blood on their websites?”

“I even saw one that had a pair of joke clacking teeth on it – are these people serious?”

“For heaven’s sake man don’t they realise that no-one wants to look at that stuff. If you buy a piece of art from an artist he doesn’t show you his brushes does he?”

I had no reply, apart from acknowledging his point of view was valid – can anyone help?

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