Vacancy for a very special dentist.


From the excellent Richard Hellen & team in Carlisle a fantastic opportunity for the right person.

Are you looking to get off the treadmill and spread your wings?

We are looking for a very special dentist who wants to build themselves a niche with us. One day a week building to two and more.

About you:

  • You are passionate about life – both in and out of dentistry.
  • You have worked the treadmill and want to fly above the clouds.
  • At the same time you understand that dentistry is a relationship business, and that trust is earned.
  • You are by instinct a team player.
  • You are looking for a practice that will teach you the things they didn’t teach you at dental school, and ease you into the world of high quality private dental care.
  • You’d be comfortable with working with your Principal as a mentor, sharing cases and co-learning from your experiences.
  • You want to take the long view and commit.

About us:

  • We are an established team of skilled individuals who provide excellent private dental care for our appreciative patients
  • We are located near to the Lake District National Park – one of the biggest outdoor playgrounds in England.
  • We mix a strong hygienist led preventive ethos with a range of care from children’s dentistry through simple restorative to orthodontics and cosmetic rehabilitation.
  • We take time to train and bond as a team on a regular basis.
  • We are looking for a part time associate to join us and help to expand our services.
  • We believe that happiness is the real bottom line.
  • If you think that this might be you, then we’d love to talk to you.

Please contact Andrew Pearse, our Business Development Manager on for an application form and job description.

Take a look here.

Why can’t all customer service be this good?

I broke my phone last week. I was running to get in from the rain and it fell out of my jacket pocket hit a wall and then the pavement, slithered along for a few yards and came to a halt. Damage included a cracked back and screen; but the impact had caused it to split open and a number of small Apple components were left behind on the ground. It wasn’t the most up to date of iPhones – far from it (iPhone 3), I’m neither an obsessive about technology nor do I feel the need to validate myself by constant updating, but it did a good job.

My bank, RBS, unilaterally changed our joint current account a few years ago to their Select Silver account and I have taken advantage of the “perks” of HMV Music downloads, Love Film membership and travel Insurance that went with it. It was even greater value, because for some administrative reason of their own, they hadn’t charged us the £10 per month fee for membership until January 2014; possibly because I had complained about the lack of consultation regarding the switch, or it may be because they seemed to think I was an employee of RBS until 6 months ago.

One of the privileges of the account was mobile phone insurance so when I realised that I couldn’t fix the phone I gave them a call. I don’t like dealing with insurance companies I always feel as if I am trying to pull off some scam – I have never done such a thing. When my last BMW was written off by an anonymous A.N.Other whilst parked in a hotel car park, I was made to feel as if I had done it deliberately. So the delightful person from the RBS insurance helpline was a breath of fresh air. Sympathy, good engagement, and rapport. She talked me through the processes of getting a replacement phone, what I should do once it arrived, answered all my questions and smoothly took payment for the excess.

The replacement came from Carphone Warehouse. I received emails & texts to tell me that it had been dispatched, which courier company was being used and when I could expect my new phone. Simple, straightforward no fuss.

It’s the carrier that delivered the new phone that needs the real mention. I have been meaning to write about DPD and how good thay are since before Christmas. Some carriers presume that you have nothing better to do than to sit at home waiting for them. DPD email you as soon as your package is dispatched from the supplier so that you can trace its progress to their depot. They then give you a  time window of an hour when they will deliver. They give you the opportunity to ask them to deliver on a different day or to a different place.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 08.45.26

You can follow the progress of the delivery driver, on-line, in my case it’s Mike, as he gets closer to you.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 09.14.53

& closer.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 09.25.10

until with a knock on my door, 22 hours after I had called to report the accident, Mike delivered my new iPhone.

I know this is widespread. I know loads of people have experienced it. I know that the technology is (in this day & age) straightforward. So why doesn’t everybody do what DPD does? I have spoken to Mike about their system and he tells me that customers love it and that the reception he gets is 99% positive (there is of course no way of pleasing everybody, not that you shouldn’t keep trying).

The conclusion from all three companies involved in this chain of customer service is that if they can do it so well and with such a minimum of fuss why can’t everyone.

Do you provide such a level of service? Or do you just like to think you do?

Is it enough to make someone like me write about and say “thanks” to RBS, Carphone Warehouse and DPD?

The Monday Morning Quote #252

“Time is really the final currency. Not money. Not power. It’s time.

You have a certain amount of time but nowhere near enough.”

David Crosby

Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.

From Liz Robb via GDPUK

Hello everyone. My name is Liz Robb and I am a long time lurker on the GDP(UK) forum. I work as a Special Care dentist in Somerset splitting my time between working in the surgery, on domiciliary visits and theatre sessions at the local hospital. Webbed feet are very useful in this part of the world at present. I thoroughly enjoy reading the postings on the forum which help to keep me in the loop of general practice. The various postings have also given me some very useful practical hints and tips along the way.

When not otherwise engaged earning a living, I enjoy my time with NICE, having been awarded a Fellowship in 2012. It has been an interesting time, given that it is the first time that a dentist has been awarded a NICE Fellowship.

I received the message below yesterday from NICE with the request that I alert as many of my colleagues as possible to its contents. My first thought was to contact GDP(UK), so if anyone would like to comment on the current consultation, NICE would be delighted to hear from you.

“Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.
Easy access to comprehensive medicines information is essential for anyone involved in prescribing or handling medicines. NICE is conducting a public consultation on its vision for an enhanced BNF service.

To help shape this vision NICE wants to hear the views of dentists involved in prescribing or handling medicines.

The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from 9am on 3 February 2014 to 9am on 31 March 2014.

NICE will also run three interactive workshops in London and Manchester in mid-March to gather more in-depth feedback on the enhanced BNF vision. The results of the consultation and workshops will inform developments for the future service.

Read and comment on the consultation and register to participate in one of the workshops here.

Tweet text: NICE consultation: Have your say on NICE’s vision for an enhanced BNF. Read full consultation & comment (”

Thank you.

Liz R

Bridge2Aid – great progress.

This blog post from January 11th will explain the background to today’s update. Four weeks at £10,000 a week that’s fantastic! Just one final push needed.

From Bridge2Aid today:

bridge2aidlogowithtransparency.142507We’re nearly there!

Dear Supporter,

Exactly 4 weeks ago today we launched our emergency appeal. We have now raised over £40,000 – a phenomenal amount. Just 20% of our appeal target stands between us and the continuation of our vital work in East Africa.

We thank you so much for donating to the appeal and ask that you keep telling your patients, clients, colleagues, family and friends about our plea. In this week’s video blog, found here, CEO Mark Topley explains why it’s so important for us to raise at least £50,000 and thanks you, our faithful supporters who already have.

We currently have two teams training 12 Health Workers in the Shinyanga region in Tanzania and at the end of play yesterday – day 2 of training – they had treated over 300 patients. It just goes to show how important our work is, and why we must ensure that we can continue to provide access to so many people who may otherwise face a lifetime of pain. Keep up to date with the Health Workers’ progress via our Facebook page here.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend and thanking you for your continued support.

With kind regards,

The Bridge2Aid team.

To make a donation

Not in Front of the Children….

The title of this blog post is taken from the 70’s BBC sitcom of the same name starring Wendy Craig as a dippy housewife; I suppose its 21st century equivalent would be Outnumbered. The premise of the programme that there are certain things that don’t need to be discussed when all family members are present.  I gather there is a Downton Abbey / Upstairs, Downstairs book called “Not in Front of the Servants“.

Since the very first practice that I joined as an associate to take over the book of a partner who left after a long battle involving barristers (what a waste of time and money) I have seen partnerships fall apart usually with the breakdown of previously good friendships. Frequently with no need.

I have been asked in the past by solicitors, “why can’t dentists get on with each other?” This isn’t the place to discuss that, but sometimes a certain amount of naivety about a long term commitment is to blame.

What made me think of this title was an experience that I had recently and it happens often enough for me to mention it here. When partners don’t get on it’s usually quite obvious to other team members and there is no reason to ramp up any tension by falling out publicly.


So I have a few suggestions:

  • If you are involved in a business with someone else make sure that you are quite clear what both of you know, understand and agree about your business relationship.
  • A handshake isn’t worth anything and good intents are soon forgotten.
  • Take the time to draw up a contract detailing who does what, who owns what, who will earn what and why.
  • Equally, be clear about how either or both parties can terminate the arrangement – that’s what lawyers are for, use one who has experience of business partnerships.
  • Ensure that you meet regularly with a set agenda to discuss all elements of the business. No excuses, no postponements, no delays.
  • If necessary involve a third party to act as a non-executive director; if you’re looking for a suitable person look no further.
  • Leave your personal opinions at the door.
  • If there are problems with the relationship don’t moan about the other party to team members. It diminishes you, it unsettles them and does nothing to help the business.
  • If you are going to have a dispute then keep it until after “the kids have gone to bed”, i.e. either off site or when everyone else has left the building.
  • Don’t say anything about anyone that you wouldn’t say to their face. It undermines both parties. It’s unprofessional, unnecessary, unproductive and childish.


If all else fails and you need a troubleshooter then I’m your man.

& you think your practice had a bad start to the day.

Browne Orthodontics, Clonakilty, West Cork, 4th February 2014.

Hope they have everything backed up off site – poor souls.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 22.12.51

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