Working on a Dream the LAST ezine from Dental Business Partners

Sent to subscribers on September 26th 2014 Hello and welcome to a slightly different ezine. A special welcome to the new subscribers, especially those I met at the presentations that Siobhan Kelleher & I did at the offices of Henry Schein in Dublin and Cork. Congratulations to HS on their 20th anniversary in Ireland, markedContinue reading “Working on a Dream the LAST ezine from Dental Business Partners”

The Weekend Read (and so much more) – Elsie Magazine

As a restart to a season of book reviews I thought I would draw your attention to a briefer read with a lovely look. I love magazines, from Private Eye to the New Yorker via Esquire, Vogue numerous music mags including the late lamented The Word and things like Amateur Photographer from my youth. IContinue reading “The Weekend Read (and so much more) – Elsie Magazine”

The TV & The Concierge

I am not a great TV watcher. I haven’t been since the early 70s. In my 5 years at university and the the 3 hospital years that followed I think I only watched rugby and The Old Grey Whistle Test with any consistency. In one house where I lived, there were 5 people, three spentContinue reading “The TV & The Concierge”