How To Win The Rugby World Cup.

Worth re-visiting Graham Henry’s article from The Guardian on how to change from losers to winners. Lessons here for anybody involved in selecting, guiding and leading teams. It’s all about the preparation. “Graham Henry looks down at the grass of Eden Park. So many matches, so many memories. One wells up above the others. 23Continue reading “How To Win The Rugby World Cup.”

The Weekend Read – No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald

This is not a book about dentistry, business, rugby or rock music. Nor is it a work of fiction although some of the press and a great number of politicians would you have you believe that it is.  It’s an unusual one for me to mention here but why not share what could prove toContinue reading “The Weekend Read – No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald”

The art of dying well – Margaret McCartney

Quantity or Quality? An excellent article in the Spectator by Glasgow GP Margaret McCartney where she asks the question, “Do we want to live as long as modern medicine allows us, or only so long as life is sweet?” Death is our only shared destiny, but we are in a new era; it’s not unusualContinue reading “The art of dying well – Margaret McCartney”

Dental Showcase Day 2

The photograph above is of the entrance tunnel to the exhibition hall, I heard it called disturbing, weird, uncomfortable and off putting. It reminded me of an 80s pop music video with something of David Bowie’s Stage about it. On my second day I enjoyed several successful meetings and had some time to catch upContinue reading “Dental Showcase Day 2”

Narcissistic leaders – who do you know who fits the bill?

From “The” piece, “The appeal of narcissistic leaders is also their downfall“. It left me thinking about those I have trusted, why I have trusted them, which have disappointed me and how quickly. (why is that Tony Blair is the first person to come to mind I wonder?). “From the sports field to theContinue reading “Narcissistic leaders – who do you know who fits the bill?”

Dentistry, Dermatology, what’s next?

I was the first born and studied Dentistry, my brother born 4 years later became a Dermatologist. I have wondered if there had been any more children they would have had to take up Endocrinology and ENT to keep the alphabetical order. So I have had more than a passing interest in “Skins” and haveContinue reading “Dentistry, Dermatology, what’s next?”