The Monday Morning Quote #345 – November 2015 – Steve Jobs #5

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.

And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”


The Monday Morning Quote #344 – November 2015 – Steve Jobs #4

“Be a yardstick of quality.

Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”


In Case You Missed It #3 – 20.11.15

1) In the week when Junior Hospital Doctors (ie those who are have not achieved consultant status) have voted overwhelmingly to strike. I wonder if their Dental colleagues will join them (result of their ballot due in 10 days or so). I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of dentists who work in general practice will not be taking industrial action in the near future.

It looks as if Jeremy Hunt wants a scrap. Being Secretary of State for Health is a trying job but not necessarily one that leads to political success – quite the opposite, the last person in charge of health who went on to become Prime Minister was Neville Chamberlain and he only held the health post for 72 days in 1931. That said it does seem to be a good post to “fill yer boots” after Parliament.

2) I have always believed that when your employees decide it is time to move on then you should let them go with your blessing and try to part as friends. If they’re good then they might come back when they realise that the grass isn’t greener. If they’re not so good then breathe a sigh of relief and improve your recruitment process. Either way try to avoid throwing your toys out of the pram will at least lead to them being a good ambassador for your business. A piece in the HBR seems to agree.

3) Two articles on partnership behaviour caught my eye. The first concerned an “award winning” lawyer, and Chelsea fan, who was expelled from a partnership after making comments about football on social media in the wake of the recent Chelsea v Liverpool match. The next is something that is described as the green sock clause. If you’re a partner in a business it’s time to check your contract.

4) Finally I appear to have been busy this week, in fact the articles that were written up to a month ago (unlike this which was put together on Friday afternoon):

a) My first piece for GDPUK on perio’s attraction – or not.

b) The first of a three parter for Dentistry – Getting the right people on the Dental bus

c) Via Lily Head, here are a few things to think about after you have sold up. The Day After Completion – What Now?

The reason I didn’t get to the UK this week – not one for nervous fliers.

If you don’t like flying – particularly in “smaller”aeroplanes – then perhaps you should look away now. No flights on Tuesday meant a knock-on and no seats available on Wednesday, so postponements and apologies all round. This was filmed on Wednesday when the gales had largely abated – or so it seemed.

Wonderful moment at 40 seconds when the ground comes into view.

Jonah Lomu – R.I.P.

Jonah Lomu has died at the age of 40. Blessed with an amazing physique, great hands, balance and speed, he was a one-off a man who changed the parameters of the game of rugby union. A rare kidney illness, which had been diagnosed before his entry on the world stage in 1995, and reduced his performance in 1999, forced his retirement at the age of 27. As shy and quiet a man off the field as he was ruthless on it, he said that he didn’t perform at any more than 80% because of his illness.

I saw him play against Scotland in the 1999 World Cup when he lit up a miserable, wet, October night in Edinburgh. Much was made of his size but he was the real all round deal, a great rugby player with all the skills that I have listed above and more. Judge for yourself, here are all his international tries (none against Wales).

His last appearances in public were during the recent World Cup in England where he was an ambassador for rugby even whilst undergoing 4-6 hours of dialysis every day.

Rest in peace big man.

Here he is in a flash mob Haka in Covent Garden:

The Monday Morning Quote #343 – November 2015 – Steve Jobs #3


In Case You Missed It #2 – 13.11.2015 – Adblocking, employees in public and fund managers.

Featuring Three of The Seven Pillars this week, Marketing, People and Finance.

Cartoon_May01_50F44210-F519-11E4-85A402DDB0048605Adblockers. It’s something that I have been banging on about for a few months. There are two sorts of people who use the internet. 1) Those that have an ad-blocker installed and 2) Those that when they realise that such a thing exists will install without delay. Here’s a piece on the consequences from Monday Note.


Watch what you say: how employees act in public – Ogier’s head of Risk and Compliance, Peter Derrick, has highlighted issues around ‘conduct risk’ – that is, how employees conduct themselves in public and on social media when representing a company – and how that risk can be managed. ‘I often use the example of HSBC staff who went go-karting in Birmingham this year,’ said Peter.“They dressed in balaclavas and thought it would be funny to take a picture of themselves performing a mock beheading of an Asian colleague wearing a jumpsuit. “The image was posted on Twitter, and it went viral. It’s a very good example of what can go wrong…Here’s the full piece you’ll need to register (free) to download but worth a thought if you’re an employer.


Fund Managers Show Their True Colours!

From Ray Prince and Graeme Urwin, Financial Planners at Rutherford Wilkinson.

Scandal after scandal has appeared in the press and it was no surprise to hear that Barclays have sacked Anthony Jenkins who was brought in in the summer of 2012 following the departure of Bob Diamond, who left in the wake of the Libor scandal.
Paraphrasing comments in the Daily Mail, he was appointed to steady the ship and he wanted to reduce the importance of the investment arm. It seems that his boss Sir Mike Rake thought differently and wanted to retain its global presence as a major investment bank.
Apparently Barclays are close to naming former JPMorgan banker Jes Staley as chief executive, signalling a renewed focus on an investment banking division that has been pared back over the past three years.
The Daily Mail comments on JP Morgan:
“No bank has paid more in fines for abuse of markets and clients in the period since the financial crisis, shelling out some £26billion for wrongdoings.
It has been involved in every form of bad banking, ranging from Libor fiddling, to anti-competitive behaviour on corporate bonds, illegal credit card practices, misleading investors over ‘toxic mortgages’ and losing billions in high-risk hedging activity.”

It really could not be more damning.

Read: the rest of the piece here.

Dentaid launches first Pay What You Can dentistry scheme

International dentistry charity Dentaid has teamed up with The Real Junk Food Project Dewsbury to launch a new scheme that will help vulnerable people who find it difficult to access NHS dentistry.

The Real Junk Tooth Project will provide emergency, pain relieving dentistry.  A pilot project is being launched in Dewsbury on Thursday, December 3 and, if it is successful, could be introduced in other towns and cities in 2016.

Dentists and support staff are volunteering their time to provide emergency treatment on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. Between 6pm and 8pm people suffering dental pain can turn up and wait to be seen at Dewsbury Dental Centre on Halifax Road in the West Yorkshire town. They will only pay what they can afford.

The idea came about after The Real Junk Food Project Dewsbury realised that many of the homeless people, low wage and migrant workers, and vulnerable people it was feeding at its cafes and drop-in sessions couldn’t enjoy their meals of donated food because they were suffering from toothache. Many had been living in pain for several months.

Dentaid is committed to eradicating dental pain around the world whatever people’s circumstances might be. We are working with The Real Junk Food Project Dewsbury to launch the project which is our first in the UK. Dentaid is also looking for other dentists who would be interested in volunteering their time for future Real Junk Tooth Projects and would love to hear from anyone who would be willing to donate consumables. Please email or call 01794 324249.


To find out more about The Real Junk Tooth Project visit
For more information about Dentaid visit


Pictured: Paul Burr from the Real Junk Food Project Dewsbury,with dental nurse Katie Labourn and dentist Nick O Donovan who are volunteering their time for The Real Junk Tooth Project

A Laboratory Personal Touch

We live in an age where some dental laboratory work is sent half way round the world to be processed. Even if a laboratory is a few miles from a practice it’s not unusual for technician and dentists to have a vague and distant relationship. I know that some laboratory owners say that they only hear from their dentist clients when things go wrong and that they often feel in the dark about what goes on in the surgery.

I was visiting Sheffield last week and dropped in to see Neal and Matt from S4S Dental Laboratory in their splendid facility and it was refreshing to see that they are actively seeking feedback from their clients and letting the clients know who it was that had made the appliance that they were fitting.

It’s the small things that make a huge difference and it’s no wonder that S4S are doing so well.



The Monday Morning Quote #342 – November 2015 – Steve Jobs #2

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it keep looking.

Don’t settle.”


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